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├ⒺⓍⓉⓇⒶⓈ┤ A Look Inside A Chicken Farm In Rural Thailand

I lived in Thailand for two years, and worked for a lifestyle magazine while I was there. After a while I managed to convince them to let me write an article about factory farming, as they all knew I was a passionate animal rights activist, and I wanted to dispel people's ideas about Northern Thailand still practicing "slow farming" - that's just not true any more. So I ended up visiting a chicken farm and writing an article about it called We Are What We Eat, which received a lot of positive attention and praise. Here are the photos I captured when I visited the chicken farm out in the countryside, as only one of them made it into the article. I suspect the only people who've seen them before now found them highly uncomfortable, or even sickening, and didn't want to cause any trouble by publishing them in their magazine. However, I don't feel any shame in exposing what the inside of a chicken farm in rural Thailand actually looks like on my own blog. So here they are and, of course, some are of dead chickens so please tread lightly.

An empty warehouse, in preparation for 1000 new hens to suffer in.

Fly-infested feed made of broken rice and fishmeal - not at all what a chicken should be eating!

Unhappy, cramped hen surrounded by faeces.

The magnitude of suffering is unbearable.

The only sunlight these animals see is from the small gaps in the warehouse walls.

A dead bird on the ground, in plain sight of all the others.

This is what all this suffering amounts to.

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  1. This is horrible! I don't know how you handled the dead chicken because I myself would be very disturbed, I love chickens, I would cry to see my chickens dead. Can I share this on my facebook?

  2. This hurts my heart.